Wart Treatment

Warts, are a virus that can present anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the foot. This virus grows in wet environments such as a shower, or pool deck. They are thick, bumpy or spongy areas with clearly defined borders. Contrary to popular belief, they do not have a root but usually do have tiny black dots that supply the wart with blood. Warts are most commonly seen in children and immune compromised adults, but they can happen to anyone.

Warts can often be painful; however some people are unbothered by them. Warts can be left alone and many will eventually resolve themselves. However, warts can continue to grow in size and become increasingly painful. They can also be unsightly. Warts can also spread to other areas of the foot or body as well as to other people. It is recommended that you seek treatment from your foot care provider when a wart is present.

Wart Treatment on your Feet

The following are treatment options for common warts.

1. Canthacur or Canthacur-PS
2. Prescription medications
3. Wart needling procedure
4. Wart excision

Talk to your Chiropodist today about which treatment option would be best for you!