Fungal Nail Care

Fungal toenails or “onychomycosis” is an infection of the nail plate and nail bed beneath with a fungal organism called a dermatophyte. This condition is often seen in the older population with a weakened immune system as well as in the diabetic population however it can happen to anyone. The result of a fungal infection is damage and destruction to the nail plate and a thickened, crumbly, yellow or white appearance that can be unsightly.

While fungal toenails can safely be left untreated, they will continue to worsen over time. It can also be spread to neighboring toenails and to other people. Typically, the earlier treatment is initiated, the better the outcome.

About Your Chiropodist

The following are available treatment options:
1. Topical Medication
2. Oral Medication
3. Surgical Removal
4. Conservative Care

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